Short Story. The Individualist. (Enneagram 4)

Steve stepped back from the canvas, eyebrows furrowed as he examined his most recent markings. Bright strokes of chalk were layered over delicate lines of paint. An odd combination for an odd man, but the contrast in textures had always struck him in ways that other mediums hadn’t. He glanced up at the clock before … Continue reading Short Story. The Individualist. (Enneagram 4)

Short Story. The Achiever (Enneagram 3)

Pam ripped the hospital band off her wrist, tossing it to ground as she walked through the lobby of her apartment. “I’ll take care of that, Miss Ricks,” the young bellhop said, rushing to pick up her trash. “Thank you, Eli,” Pam said, not bothering to look back as she waited for the elevator. That … Continue reading Short Story. The Achiever (Enneagram 3)

Short Story. The Helper. (Enneagram 2)

“Okay,” Debra muttered. “Okay, okay, you got this. Just smile.” Her face looked back at her, unsmiling in her locker mirror. “Smile, dang it.” And with a deep exhale, she listened, smiling into the mirror. She wore her best scrubs, blue to bring out her eyes. “Yeah, that’s about as good as it’s going to … Continue reading Short Story. The Helper. (Enneagram 2)

Short Story: The Reformer (Enneagram 1)

Beth fought to keep the tears at bay as she examined her trembling fingers. With a calming breath, she slammed her hands against the piano, forcing them back under control. Her eyes were dry. The dead ends of her hair disheveled. Her body pleaded for sleep, but she would not acquiesce. Beth looked around the … Continue reading Short Story: The Reformer (Enneagram 1)