Draco. Chapter 35. Steal the Greatness.

“What good am I to you?” I growled, slumped against the cavern wall. “You’re insurance,” Brianna said as she brushed her dragon’s scales. “In case things go wrong.” I adjusted my posture, trying to ignore the stones jutting into my back. I wasn’t tied. There was no need for anything like that. Four dragons and … Continue reading Draco. Chapter 35. Steal the Greatness.

Allie. Chapter 34. Selective Storytelling.

Allie flew in front of Patty, leading her to the caravan. With the wind whistling in her ears, it was impossible for them to have a conversation, let alone a tricky one. The closer they got to the caravan, the more Allie regretted approaching Patty at all. If a battle broke out while Patty and … Continue reading Allie. Chapter 34. Selective Storytelling.

Allie. Chapter 31. Understanding & Satisfaction.

Allie turned Claire around, anxious to get back to the caravan and warn Serenity that they were surrounded. They could fly over the canyon with their dragons, of course, but the caravan itself was stuck until they could create a solid enough pass for the wagons to cross through. That would take precious days; days … Continue reading Allie. Chapter 31. Understanding & Satisfaction.

Allie. Chapter 29. Writing Good Bad Guys.

“We’ve been here too long,” Frank whispered into Serenity’s ear. Serenity shot him a withering look, forcing him to take a step back as she turned her attention to Miguel, hogtied on the ground. “Shall we proceed to the next trial?” Miguel didn’t bother to answer, his teeth grit in pain. His entire body shook … Continue reading Allie. Chapter 29. Writing Good Bad Guys.

Draco. Chapter 26. Hollywood Moments.

I forced myself to stay silent as jagged rocks raked across my back, pulling at my skin as I crawled through the crevice in the mountain. Marcus’ dragon had apparently dug deep before going into hibernation. The hole grew smaller the deeper I crawled, eventually to the point where I could scarcely fit my arm … Continue reading Draco. Chapter 26. Hollywood Moments.