Draco. Chapter 40. Setting the Scene.

I fought the urge to gag on the stench of burnt flesh, unwilling to give my torturers the satisfaction. Sarah, however, found herself retching on the ashen ground at my feet. Frank held her hair back, his face a blank slate of despair as he stared at the pile of bodies before us. Neither of … Continue reading Draco. Chapter 40. Setting the Scene.

Allie. Chapter 34. Selective Storytelling.

Allie flew in front of Patty, leading her to the caravan. With the wind whistling in her ears, it was impossible for them to have a conversation, let alone a tricky one. The closer they got to the caravan, the more Allie regretted approaching Patty at all. If a battle broke out while Patty and … Continue reading Allie. Chapter 34. Selective Storytelling.

Draco. Chapter 32. Active Voice.

“How do you know what she’s saying?” Patty asked as she stroked Jade’s neck. I let out a yawn as I pulled bones out of what was left of a grizzly. Lemon had found her meal the night before. “I just do.” “But how?” She asked, her eyebrows scrunched together. “I listen,” I said, shrugging. … Continue reading Draco. Chapter 32. Active Voice.

Allie. Chapter 23. Ideas are Cheap.

Allie awoke with a start, jostled by the sudden movement of her wagon. Faint wisps of light shone through her curtains. They had let her sleep in… again.Sleep still in her eyes, she sat up in her seat and stretched as far as she could in the confines of her space. She’d been given her … Continue reading Allie. Chapter 23. Ideas are Cheap.

Draco. Chapter 22. Yes, But. No, And.

My throat was on fire, my skin burnt as we finally approached the foothills of the mountain range. I could sense Jade’s resolve stiffening as we walked side by side. There was still sadness within. And hurt, but it was hidden alongside past pain long-forgotten, weathered over and callused. It was time.I imaged flight to … Continue reading Draco. Chapter 22. Yes, But. No, And.

Draco. Chapter 20. How to Become a Writer.

Jade clawed at the ground, letting out a guttural cry as she buried her head in the dirt. I could feel her distress in my mind, pressing against me, adding to my sense of despair. Miguel has stolen my only friend and killed Jessica in the process, leaving me behind to suffer. I could have … Continue reading Draco. Chapter 20. How to Become a Writer.