Allie. Chapter 16. Letting Characters Decide the Plot.

“Water, please,” Allie whispered, standing with her hands tied behind her back. Frank stood beside her outside the city gates, watching as Serenity’s caravan approached. He lifted the water jug to her mouth, letting her take a small swig before pulling it back. Allie sighed appreciatively, licking her lips. “Thank you.” Frank nodded, frowning. “I’m... Continue Reading →

Draco. Chapter 13. Fight Scenes.

The night air brushed against my skin, sending a stir through the tall grass surrounding us. “Not too much longer now,” Miguel whispered, lounging in the grass. I didn’t respond, watching the injured horse stumble as it walked in circles around us. “You worried about the horsee?” I eyed him, frowning in disgust. “He’s going... Continue Reading →

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