Allie. Chapter 6. Theme & Meaning.

Allie’s view was limited underneath her umbrella. All she could see was the passing landscape and the behinds of both her horses. She still couldn’t believe that… the horses belonged to her. “Miss Allie,” called a voice from behind. “The pigs are panting again!” Allie kept her hands on the tethers as she glanced behind … Continue reading Allie. Chapter 6. Theme & Meaning.

Draco. Chapter 4. Plan vs. Execution.

I waved my sword, testing its balance as the dragon landed in the coliseum. It was currently its darkest color, each scale like a reflective shadow. Even as it landed, it decreased in size until its rider became visible. He wore no armor or helmet, nothing to protect himself except a single knife strapped to … Continue reading Draco. Chapter 4. Plan vs. Execution.