Short Story. The Individualist. (Enneagram 4)

Steve stepped back from the canvas, eyebrows furrowed as he examined his most recent markings. Bright strokes of chalk were layered over delicate lines of paint. An odd combination for an odd man, but the contrast in textures had always struck him in ways that other mediums hadn’t. He glanced up at the clock before … Continue reading Short Story. The Individualist. (Enneagram 4)

Allie. Chapter 46. Catharsis.

Allie knelt beside Miguel’s body, her hand wavering over his head. His eyes rolled around unfocused as if unaware of his surroundings, only to connect with hers for the briefest of moments. He was alive in there somewhere, changed forever. And yet he was responsible for Draco’s death. Allie’s hand shook over his head as … Continue reading Allie. Chapter 46. Catharsis.

Allie. Chapter 44. The kill.

The crowd of onlookers parted for Jade as she sauntered under the stadium arches. Draco watched their passing faces with a frown, contemplating the trouble he’d put them in by bringing the fight to the city. Patty was silent as she stared at Miguel’s writhing body laid across Jade’s back, her face a thoughtful scowl. … Continue reading Allie. Chapter 44. The kill.

Allie. Chapter 43. The Breakdown.

The sun had just begun its climb back down for the day when they finally saw the city emerge on the horizon. They’d been forced to slow down as the day wore on, constantly looking over their shoulders, expecting an attack that never came. “Maybe Stephen doesn’t care enough about Brianna to hunt us down…” … Continue reading Allie. Chapter 43. The Breakdown.