Allie. Chapter 43. The Breakdown.

The sun had just begun its climb back down for the day when they finally saw the city emerge on the horizon. They’d been forced to slow down as the day wore on, constantly looking over their shoulders, expecting an attack that never came. “Maybe Stephen doesn’t care enough about Brianna to hunt us down…”... Continue Reading →

Draco. Chapter 42. Subtext.

“They’re starting to stir,” Frank said, looking to Sarah for direction. The six of us were huddled together on Claire’s back, tense and unspeaking. Jade flew in front of us, setting the pace. My body rebelled against me, trying to force me to sleep, but I couldn’t. None of us slept save Patty who was... Continue Reading →

Allie. Chapter 41. Resolution.

Allie threw herself off of Claire as soon as they emerged from the Earth, gasping for air as she slammed against the ground. It took her precious seconds to regain her composure, wiping the dirt from her eyes as she pushed herself to her feet. Claire had already grabbed hold of Stephen with one of... Continue Reading →

Allie. Chapter 39. The Climb.

Allie’s heart raced, her thoughts scattered despite re-playing the scene in her mind. Even now she found herself trembling, all too aware of what Claire could do if she was set free. She would never look at a dragon the same way again. Hundreds murdered right in front of her and she did nothing. Even... Continue Reading →

Allie. Chapter 37. The Pit of Despair.

“Stay close!” Serenity shouted over the rushing wind as they approached the mountains. All five dragons drifted closer, slowing down so Serenity’s commands could be more easily heard over the flapping of their wings. Shaking with nerves, Allie found herself stroking Claire’s scales to calm herself. She didn’t want anyone to die, but there was... Continue Reading →

Allie. Chapter 36. Effective Characters.

“We leave tonight,” said Serenity as her dragons emerged from the cracked soil. “We need to get there before nightfall.” “Why fight?” Allie asked, stroking Claire’s neck. “Frank already said they likely have more than four dragons.” “Six or more is my guess,” Frank said with a grimace. “Exactly,” Allie said. “Versus our five. If... Continue Reading →

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